In Podere La Doccia there are two peaceful Sardinian donkeys: Pippo and Lollo. They are really small: max. 90 cm tall at the withers. They live in good health in a wooden stable with lots of space around it for them. We take care of them every day feeding them with fodder and cereals, but they are very fond of apples and carrots. It is so exciting to caress them and to walk with them in our contryside that we suggest to try, then you will be fond of their long ears!

In our hen house there are many types of hens and ducks living peacefully together with rabbits and turtles. Everyone of them has a name: we are looking forward to introducing them to you!

We also take care of some beehives: not only they produce honey, but also we appreciate their magic!

We suggest a relaxing and regenerating visit to our two lakes with goldfish, carps and freshwater turtles.

Our faithful nice dog Cosmo is always happy to have a walk with everybody in Podere La Doccia!