In Podere La Doccia we welcome you as a friend: we believe in hospitality and respect for nature. People are always the protagonists in every experience.



“Here I learnt the patience to wait for the right season: every fruit at its perfect time! Mostly I love the “Fede, Speranza, Amore” (Faith, Hope, Love) rock, the intense smell of lavander and the porch swing where I can feel all the peace of this special place.”



“Together: in this place we can stop and taste the pleasure to spend relaxing time with people we love in this beautiful nature filling every heart with true love.”



“This place is like the most colourful piece of the most challenging jigsaw-puzzle. I like walking through the lavander in bloom and the freshly cut grass, staying in the oil mill with the smell of the fresh olive oil or in the kitchen when we bake cakes: everywhere there is a good smell!”



“Here time is different: you cannot measure it, you can only observe it running. My favourite place is the terrace over the oil mill.”



“Here any wish can become true. My favourite place is a special point in the vineyard: when I get there with a future bride and bridegroom for the first time, I can see their dreams starting to become real and it is a special good feeling.”



“Podere La Doccia is life! I love the terrace with the house swimming pools and the porch swing over the small olive trees.”